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Vernissage kunst & raam provides art brokerage services as well as framing of pictures, paintings and mirrors. Since 2006 we have had various art auctions and exhibitions. Our auctions and exhibitions history can be found in our facebook page (www.facebook.com/VernissageKunst/).

We are conveniently located in Uus-Tatari street 23 in Tallinn where you can always find available parking spaces nearby. Our goal is to offer quality art by known and up and coming artists. For our framing services we offer only the best quality materials and solutions.

Picture frames: we currently offer over 700 unique framing samples. Most of these samples are available only in our gallery and can’t be found in other framing shops. A large share of our mouldings and ready-made frames come from the Larson-Juhl Group, which is the biggest manufacturer of mouldings in the world, and have factories located in the Czech Republic, Italy, the UK and Germany. We also offer mouldings from Scandinavian factories and wholesalers for our clients that prefer the Nordic style for their framing works.  

Passe-partouts & mountboards: we use only FATG-approved acid-free products from Arqadia, Colormount and Royal Moorman Karton. They won’t become discoloured over time and won’t damage your artwork.

Glass: We offer clear, matobel, and anti-reflective glass plus various other innovative solutions. In 2014 we were the first to introduce the popular non-reflective glass in the Estonian market – beginning with Clarity and now currently offering the successful Artglass products. Our range includes various non-reflective products with high UV protection (from 70 to 99 %) as well as laminated non-reflective products (safety glass).

Mirrors: we provide mirrors with regular or bevelled edges. Our newest offering is the unique “semi-transparent” TV mirror glass. This mirror can be either transparent or reflective depending on whether there is an active light source behind it. For instance, when placed in front of a turned off TV it acts as a regular mirror. However, when turning the TV on the mirror let’s light through and one is able to watch the TV. 

Transport for extra large framed works is available of request. Usually our van makes deliveries within Tallinn.


We look forward to meeting you in our gallery!


Vernissage Kunst & Raam

Uus-Tatari 23. Tallinn

Tel. /Fax: +372 6544940